Fresh Fruit Platter
$12.00 (Natural yogurt on request)

Toast $6.00
2 slices white/whole-meal with butter & conserves

Raintree Hotcakes $15.00
(Made with our homemade coconut flour) Served with banana, bacon & maple flavoured syrup

All Cooked Breakfast are Served with toast (white/whole-meal), butter & conserves

Eggs (2) – Any Style $16.80

Poached, boiled, fried, scrambled, omelette, with a hash brown

Add extras:

Hash Brown $1.90
Lamb OR Chicken Sausage $3.00
Bacon (Light OR Crispy Grilled) $4.50

Valoloma – Fijian Breakfast $17.00
Two slices ‘long loaf; fried cassava & corned mutton

Bula Breakfast $24.50
Eggs (2) any style with bacon, lamb or chicken sausage and a hash brown


We serve locally grown BULA COFFEE

Plunger coffee – small $6.00
Plunger coffee – large $8.00
Plunger coffee – extra large $12.00
Dilmah Ceylon Tea
Hot chocolate $9.50
Iced Coffee $7.00
Fruit Smoothie $7.50
Banana Smoothie $10.00

Fruit Juice – Ask your wait staff