Dear Guest,

This is an important pre-arrival COVID-19 Message – certain things have changed that require your attention

Please read and understand the following: 

If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, you may cancel your reservation free of Hotel fees & charges* providing this is done within 2 hours of making your booking online 

The Government of Fiji has imposed strict codes of practice and guidelines that may change daily, as such, our services provided to guests will change without notice. 

Please check the Ministry website 

We are compelled to comply with these conditions, and as such, so will you compelled to comply. For immediate up to date information contact us on +679 9273472 | 7839163 | 8913111 | 3320562.

At the time of sending you this information – in accordance with the government regulations during the COVID 19 pandemic – the following are the some of the requirements we must adhere to:

  • On entry to the premises, each and every time, your temperature must be taken and recorded. We are compelled to notify Authorities if you have a high temperature.
  • You are required to have the Fiji Care app downloaded and operational on your smart phone (and provide proof it is activated). 
  • Hand sanitizer must be used.
  • A mask must be worn at all times anywhere on the premises, & and any time outside your room.
  • No congregating is allowed.
  • Social distancing must be followed. 

Failure to follow instructions from any staff or management will result in you being asked to leave – in which case no refunds for any portion of your accommodation will be made. We have a Police Post operation across the road in front of the Resort and we will not hesitate to seek their assistance for the health and safety of all other guests and staff.

If the front Office /Reception is not attended – PLEASE DO NOT proceed to your room:

Call our staff on the numbers provided and wait until you have had completed the steps above. 

  • Food & Beverage restrictions apply – our Raintree Restaurant & Bar is not permitted to operate – Food Service is restricted to room service and as such we are NOT providing Breakfast or Lunch – Dinner orders from a limited menu must be placed with Reception before 5.00pm.
  • Reception is open limited hours from approximately 9.00am and is often unattended and you will need to call the numbers listed for service.
  • Bar service is strictly limited and beverages must be consumed in your room, due to these Government requirements, the pool table is not allowed to be used. 
  • Your Guest Compendium/Services directory is COVID-19 safe and has not been printed – but rather it is available on your website: Please search: 
  • NO rooms are designed for Guests to prepare and/or cook food in the room, Pre-heated/pre-cooked food may be brought into the room but we have a rule that strictly forbids the cooking of any food in your room, beside the room or on the balcony in the room type of which you occupy – microwave ovens are not permitted.    
  • Consistent with your COVID-19 and Hotel signed guest registration, our accommodation terms and conditions are available on our website – please scan this code for more details please search:

The Resort front gate will be closed to any non-house guests. During these restrictions you may not invite guests to your room or into the hotel premises.

Should you arrive at the gate and no-one is in attendance please call the following numbers:

  • 927 3472
  • 783 9163

The numbers are displayed on the gate – however, it may be wise to store them in your phone now. 

General information is available on the measures the Resort is taking, however, more information should be obtained prior to your arrival from the Fiji Ministry for Health, as restrictions may change at any time without notice 

The Resort will not be responsible for your failure to research and understand your obligations nor will we take responsibility for any inconvenience or costs associated with your mandatory or voluntary  compliance to COVID0-19 restrictions – implied or enforced before, during and after your stay.

We ask for your patience and co-operation during these very difficult times – we are operating with minimal staff (who are performing an amazing job multi-skilling, donating time and most have not been allowed to go home for many weeks!).

Thank you and stay safe,


Val Salama


Colo-i-Suva Rainforest Eco Resort